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Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple Paid Swiss Rail $21 Million Over Clock Used In iOS 6

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

With an elegant design comes huge hard work and dedication. So one knows the reasons behind the price tags of classic watches which are designed with immense creativity of one's art. Reportedly it's comes to news that Apple and Tim Cook has paid huge price for it. As part of their development of iOS 6, Apple paid approximately $21 million to license the use of the Swiss clock-face design.

Information about this loss to Apple has come from Swiss national print publications with the claim that Apple made the huge payment to the Swiss Federal Railway Service for the rights to be able to use the iconic clock-face throughout their iOS 6 software. The payment has come off the back of the SBB making a complaint to Apple regarding their re-designed clock that made an appearance in the latest release of iOS back in September with the communication suggesting that the design was remarkably similar to the trademarked clock design held by the SBB.

Image Credit: Redmond Pie
Coming to the history of this Clock, it was 1944 designed by an employee of the company named Hans Hilfiker who was an Swiss Engineer. The agreement between the two companies hold the limitations on the use of this design on iOS so for SBB its a flow of cold cash.

Visitors are silhouetted against a giant railway clock at the Swiss railway (AFP/File, John Macdougall)
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Source: Redmond Pie


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