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Friday, November 30, 2012

Faster Facebook Experience on Android devices using oStream App

By-Rustam Ali

Facebook is the most popular social networking site now and has millions of users, among which most of the users access their accounts through a mobile phone. Many people face problems with the official Facebook application like network errors, slow loading speeds etc. But now with the advent of a new third party Facebook application "oStream" all the above errors will be faded away.

 oStream is a new application for Android devices that will allow you to speed up your Facebook experience. It does this by synchronizing your profile data at very short interval of time, so things appear instantly. It includes features such as :-

-Instantly available because when you open oStream, your news feed appears Instantly. No loading times. No delays.

-Always available. You are in a place with no internet connection. You want to check your notification  oStream will show you the ones that existed the last time you were connected to the internet.

-No connection drop problems You are checking your news feed and the connection suddenly drops: you will be able to continue to read and interact with your news feed. You won’t even notice connection problems

-Forget about data errors You are uploading a photo and your internet connection drops: oStream will simply detect the error and re-upload the photo for you as soon as you’re back online.

Instructions to install the application:-

1.Open you device Settings and click Applications.

2.If unchecked click "Unknown sources" . If unknown sources is already checked skip to step 4.

3.Click OK on the attention dialog. "Unknown sources" will now have a green check.

4.From your smartphone, download the application.
5.Install the application and when asked for an invitation code type the code you received by             mail.
6.Enjoy using this application.


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