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Friday, November 09, 2012

Google Maps Slipping To Sixth Position in China

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter) 

Whenever it comes to Maps its Google after iOS Maps failed to get its hands on users on its iOS devices but nothing seems to beat this search giant Google also with Maps. But somehow the scenario is little different in China as Google has lost it's market share almost half and is moving to sixth position which is down to no.2 spot held in Q2

Listing the Maps Applications, Google has lost it's market share to Baidu Maps, Mapbar, Tiger Maps, and Sogou Maps. According to Analysys Internationl, Google only hold 9 percent of the mobile mapping market in China, which is down from 17.5 percent the previous quarter. The data was taken from Smartphones and not feature phones.
Analysts thinks that Google Maps sudden drop is due to the app not pre loaded on the handsets although the booming market of android in China, pre-installed Google Maps being absent leads users to look for better options as there are few listed above. The website version of Google Maps is also blocked which could give some people the impression that it is faulty or slow.

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