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Monday, November 12, 2012

U-Disco for the Sony Xperia U Illumination Bar

By-Rustam Ali

Since Sony and Ericsson broke their collaboration , Sony flooded the mobile world with a lot of new devices. The company added many attractive features in their new devices, among which the illumination bar was the major attraction. This feature gives a very futuristic look and also gives notification prompts. Developers have tried to add more to this LED notification bar other than just notification by writing up an application to turn the illumination bar into disco lights!

The application is called U-Disco, it currently has 2 modes: plain blinks, and blinks driven by the music you are currently playing! In the second mode the lights will blink in sync with the song you’re playing. 

Photo credits-Google Play

In order to run this application you require a rooted Sony Xperia U, as it needs root access to control  the individual LEDs in the illumination bar. You can find this application in the Google Play Store here.

Source-XDA Developers 

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wot is root access plzz tell ..! my xperia u say 's don't have root access ..? how do we get it ..!!

Root access means you need to root your device.For more info

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