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Friday, November 02, 2012

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 (For A4 Devices Only)

We have got confirmation that Redsn0w can be used to jailbreak the recently released iOS 6.0.1 and we are going to tell you how to do. Sadly, this only works for devices having A4 or lower.

It's a tethered-boot jailbreak, meaning each time you switch off you iDevice or reboot it, you'll need to connect to you PC in order to get it up and running again.
Supported devices :
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • 4th-Gen iPod touch
DISCLAIMER : Hackinthus will not be held responsible if you lose data or your device gets damaged while following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1 : Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b1(or b2/b3) from this links : Windows | Mac

Step 2 : Download iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 for your device. Update your device to iOS 6.0.1. If you are on carrier unlock, please don't jailbreak with this.

Step 3 : Start Redsn0w.

Step 4 :  Select  Extras then select IPSW option and manually point it to the original iOS 6 (not iOS 6.0.1) file for the device you want to jailbreak. Once the file is recognized by the Redsn0w, get back to the main screen of Redsn0w.

Step 5 : Hit Jailbreak, then select Cydia and follow the instructions for getting into DFU mode. Once it's done, select “Autoboot this device when it connects in DFU mode,” and that will get your device to tethered mode.


Note : You’ll need to "boot tethered" whenever you reboot or switch off your device, and you can do so by opening Redsn0w -> Extras -> Just Boot.

We will let you know as soon as untethered jailbreak will be out.

(via Redmondpie)

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