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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GTA Radio : Listen to the world of Grand Theft Auto

A GTA freak surely would have spent quiet an amount of time driving around city and listen through various radio stations offered with different versions of the game. And if you are one of them, well, this app is just for you!!

GTA Radio is a free Android app available on Play Store which offers almost every radio station experience that has been there throughout the GTA series, which includes GTA III, GTA Vice City,  GTA Liberty Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV. User Interface of the app is very simple and buffering of tracks seems to be fast. You can download this application via link provided in the end of the article.  

Below are few screenshots of the taken from the Google Play Store.

Its good to see that someone came up with this great idea and we hope to see this growing in future too. What do you people say? Do comment and let us know your opinions too.

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