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Monday, November 05, 2012

Mod for increasing Camera Quality of Sony Xperia Ray, Active, Mini, and Mini Pro

By-Rustam Ali

Mobile companies while manufacturing a device restrict the features of the hard wares to a certain limit so the customers are not able to make use of their devices to its full capacity. Their have always been tweaks for increase the performance via some softwares or tweaks which include overclocking the smartphone's CPU , Modding camera to its full capacity to get high quality pictures and videos. 

Today i will tell you how to mod your Sony Xperia Ray, Active, Mini, and Mini Pro's Camera quality. 

Sony Xperia Active
Sony Xperia Ray

Sony Xperia Mini Pro
Photo Credits- Sony

Some of the features that this tweak includes:
-Camera Mod Fast Capture
-Smooth HD Recording
-HQ Stereo Audio Video Recording
-Improved HD Video Audio to 256kbps From 128kbps
-Format HD Video Recording changed to MPEG4 from H264 for better performance Smooth
-100% JPEG Quality

The tweak that has to be used for this process is Cybershot 4.0, which you can get from here.
This update has to applied via CWM (ClockWorkMod), if you do not know how to use CWM you can refer to my last post. Just do not forget to backup your phone before performing this process and do "WIPE CACHE PARTITION" then reboot your device and after installing please clear data camera & force stop in setting>applications>all . Then you are good to go and enjoy your camera with high quality pictures and smooth HD video recording. 

Note: We are not responsible if your device gets bricked during this process.

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