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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smart WiFi Toggler for All Android devices

By-Rustam Ali

Most of the mobile users nowadays face problem in switching between a combination of WiFi and mobile data regularly. And in this process if you leave your WiFi on after leaving a WiFi hot spot your battery will get drained sufficiently. Well developers have found a cure to it, they have devised an application that allows your phone to sense a hot spot and turn on WiFi and as soon as yo leave that hot spot it switches off your WiFi and automatically switch from WiFi to mobile data to conserve battery.

Smart WiFi Toggler is designed to control your phone's WiFi using cell tower triangulation, so you don’t need to worry about GPS-induced battery drain. Its main aim is to conserve battery and minimize data charges by switching between mobile and WiFi networks according to the preferred network present. It constantly learns where your hotspots are located to make its decisions.

Photo Credits-Google Play

- Automatically learns your WiFi hotspot locations.
- Turns WiFi off when disconnected from WiFi network.
- Automatically turns WiFi on when near a known hotspot.
- Uses your network location. No GPS battery drain.
- Provides the ability to control "auto-connect" behavior for each hotspot.
- Ability to lock WiFi to a disabled state.
- Warning notification and auto-locking WiFi when a hotspot is down.
- History and logging, in addition to a view of what is going on under the hood.

The application is a free application and can work on all devices running on Android 2.2 and higher versions.
You can download this application from here.


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