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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let Your Phone Read Out Notifications For You

We all know how important role 'smartphone' plays in our daily life. Without it we feel partially naked. Getting inside, the 'power of voice' is being utilized more than ever at this point of time. Siri for iOS, S Voice for Samsung-Android smartphone, Google Now for Android and Tellme for Windows Phone are trying to make your life a bit more simpler. But what is being neglected among all these is our notification system, which seems to remain unchanged. That is until now.

SpeakMe, a free android application, simply dictates your notifications for you. Once installed, it not only read out notifications at will, but also allows you to select which apps you wish to hear notifications for.  If you want to be alerted that you have a notification from an app, but don't want specifics to be out, SpeakMe can also be configured to announce that you have a notification form "name of app". Interface looks really good and simple to use.



                    image credit : Google Play  

Download Link : SpeakMe For Android

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