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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hackinthus at the #NokiaAppTasting meet by Indiblogger !!

BY-Harkirat Singh (Twitter)(Google+)

                              Blogging is not about writing posts and getting views but it's all about passion and expressing yourself.There are many bloggers in the world,you may even know few of them in the virtual world but meeting them in person gives a totally new perception about them and their personality.
                           Thank's to indiblogger and Nokia for arranging such a marvelous blogger meet at ITC GARDENIA,Bangalore,but as far as i am concerned i was not quite happy about it because it was more of a Nokia meet rather than bloggers meet but surely no one will invest without having benefit to itself,So Nokia it was fine but i have to tell you the arrangements made by them were great and you would feel like you have been invited to some board meeting rather than a blogger meet.

                             The main agenda of his meet was to showcase and get new ideas for the apps and ofcourse some awesome food.The Host for the show were Rajiv Makhni,NDTV tech guru host and Vikas Khanna,Hottest Masterchef. Their stage presence was awesome and they set the stage on fire with their wit and humour especially,Rajiv Sir.
                   Weird right ?? Tech guru with a Chef as a host,even i was confused but after a brief introduction i got it.It was the #NokiaAppTasting where good food meets good Apps,and i am both a tech freak and a food junkie,you can see me right(:P).I (Harkirat Singh) even got a chance of meeting the Tech Guru personally and asked him for some tips that might help hackinthus to grow.

                                                          I even got a chance to meet Vikas Sir but i couldn't ask him for any recipes(:P).Not to forget i even a made a friend Ramanan Sir and he proudly says i am 63,ha ha,He was full of life and came here to see young bloggers,how do they think and interact , i hope he was not let down.
                                                             First we started with introduction of some of the blogger and unluckily i was not called on stage :( ,but there's always a next time and the blogger to give the best intro was given a gift hamper,there were other events like onion cutting competition, the App developing idea,I know the ideas that were told but i would not reveal them here,there was a quiz round too.
                     So ,you think these competitions were without gifts,surely not there were giveaway like Nokia Lumia 510 and 900 and did not win either of them,but there were some lucky winners.There are many other aspects and so many things i cant tell and  as it a tech Blog i would rather get down to my job.
The main apps that were showcased in the meet were -:

1) Alcohol Test

                                           The main aim of this app is to test how much are you drunk You have to fill in some of the details as shown in the screenshot and you have to then blow into your phone and it will let you know the alcohol content in your body,pretty amazing right Rajiv even invited some Drunk bloggers on the stage to test how much wine had they costed to Nokia  :P

2) Gangnam style dance guide    
                               I hope you all know Gangnam has a Guinness world record of most liked video,and their's an app which can guide and teach you how to dance and learn these steps.

                           Let me tell you this was the most amazing part of the meet where people were dancing like crazy and judges were no exceptions to it,even they had to Gangnam.This event continued for a long time and it was being enjoyed by all.

3)Nokia city lens

     This is a super amazing app which tells you what's outside your wall or places that are nearby.It works with the camera to help you discover the city around you and what it has to offer. All you need to do is launch the app and hold your device up and voila you can see all that surrounds you we saw this app live in action.

4)Silent film director 
                This was an another super amazing app where you can make movies in Charlie Chaplin style without any knowledge of editing.In the demonstration of this app Vikas khanna and two other bloggers were made to walk the ramp and then Rajiv showed us the power of this app and became a director.


                            There were personal experiences too where i met some of the bloggers and got certain tips i can surely name them Anand,Akshay,Nikhil,and many others and ya not to forget i was even in the top 10 twitters for the event(:P)

                          I think this event was a great success for both Nokia and indiblogger,wish them luck for their further event and i am eagerly waiting for the next event !! :D

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Very well written bro. I had a nice time meeting you guys. And thanks a lot for the drop home. :D
Wow! You were one of the top tweeters of the event? You were sitting right beside me and I didn't even realize you tweeted so much. :P Btw where did you get those stats?

ha ha !! you dint see me tweeting :P
i got that stats from one of the tweets !!

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