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Friday, November 02, 2012

Crashing of Facebook's iOS application

By- Rustam Ali

Apple users were very happy after the release of the iOS 6, but this good news came along with some hiccups, which includes crashing of the Facebook application. This problem has been reported by a lot of Apple users all along the globe, they claim that this problem started right after they upgraded their software to the new version of iOS 6.0.1.

There have also been cases reporting that Facebook application has crashed before upgrading to the latest version, and also that re-installing the application or rebooting the system also cannot fix this issue. So it suggests that maybe this is not a problem of the new upgraded software solely, it may also be a problem from Facebook's end which can be fixed without an application update. So please stay tuned to our blog for further update on this topic, till then you can easily use Facebook by logging in through mobile safari on your Apple devices.

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