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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Google Planning Their Own Notebook with a Touchscreen & Chrome OS

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

We all know Google is giant in search engines and they have shown huge rise in their other products. Talking anything about such as the Gmail or the Chrome OS, Google is everywhere and also has the top engineers and technicians working for them. The possibility to step further can't be avoided any how by them as it's seen that they are making advancement to launch their own Touch Screen Notebook having the Chrome OS.

Google is getting tired of other manufacturers making products for them. First on the scene was the Nexus smartphone line, then the Nexus 7 & 10 tablets appeared and now a touchscreen notebook with Chrome OS is in the works.

According to the Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times, Google is planning a touchscreen notebook that they will sell under their own brand name. The notebook will be a somewhat unusual size with a 12.85-inch display. Displays of 12.5, 13.1 and 13.3-inches are much more common. This is purely speculative, but perhaps the device will have a screen in 4:3 format, which could explain the strange diagonal.

The notebook will reportedly run Chrome OS and have a touchscreen, so it will be like another type of Chromebook. Google will work in collaboration with the Taiwanese contract manufacturer Compal, who is also the responsible production. The touch panel is said to come from Taiwanese supplier Wintek. The supply chain has already begun to manufacture the parts for the new touch-notebook from Google, they say. The delivery of the first finished devices is expected in late 2012. It is still undecided when the Google Notebook will make its debut in the market.

It will be interesting to see how Chrome OS works with a touchscreen format. What do you think about Google’s latest plans? Do let us know in our comment section.

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