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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new way of file transfer with PeerDeviceNet

By-Rustam Ali

File transfer in mobile phones has been a very essential feature, it started from infrared then Bluetooth and now NFC (Near field communication). Still research and development of newer file transfer methods are going on, among which the recent upcoming is the file transfer through Wi-Fi. 'PeerDeviceNet' is an application developed by developers, which makes a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and the mobile phones connected to it can access files and transfer over this connection. This application runs on android 2.2 and above.

Photo Credits-Google Play

It extends android's "share/send" feature to allow sharing of the following data:
1. photos/videos (single or multiple) (gallery), audios(astro, solid-browser, or other browsers)
2. web pages (browsers)
3. contact info(Contacts)
4. pdf, word docs (astro or other file managers)
5. apps (google play)

You can get this application for free here.

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Source-XDA Developers


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