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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

DroidXPlorer - Download Files From Your Android Device To Your Pc

By-Rustam Ali

There are a lot of applications for accessing your android devices and controlling it via PC, through web browser. "DroidXPlorer" application allows you to browse and download files from your android device over a Wi-Fi connection to another device or PC. The unique feature about this application is that it does not need any client to be installed separately in your PC or device and also that you can directly stream files from your android device without downloading it, on web browser.

The interface of this application is quite minimal, yet functional. You just have to launch the application on your Android device and activate it, and it will give you the link for accessing it in the web browser. The browser interface offers a nice thumbnail view and lets you browse the files by location or media type.

 Photo credits- Google Play

If you decide to try it, please note that when you start the server it might take a while before the server is active, you will notice when notification icon "xp" is shown.
The download link for this application via Google Play is given here.

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