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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nexus 4 Camera Purple Haze Issue

By Sukesh Kumar(facebook)(twitter)
After iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, it seems Google's Nexus 4 by LG also suffers with the issue of purple haze.
Whats Purple Haze? Well, certain reflections and refractions of a smartphone's camera lens or heavy load of the sensor cause a hazy, purplish-colored blemish to appear  across the image.  

image credit : Redmondpie

Nexus 4 purple flare
image credit : Redmondpie

The image above has been taken via Nexus 4 and one can clearly notice the purple haze. This issue is not just restricted to Nexus 4, but to many other higher-end smartphones.

The issue pops up rarely and avoiding heavy lighting conditions will surely give you a purple haze-free image.

Let us know if you too are experiencing this issue with your smartphone. 

(source Redmondpie)

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