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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Microsoft office for android and ios !!

 BY-Harkirat Singh (Twitter)(Google+)

               Finally Microsoft took a the decision of launching office on android and ios devices.As reported by theverge ,it has learned through several sources close to Microsoft's plans that the company will release Office versions for Android and iOS in early 2013.


                             Office Mobile, as it's dubbed, would let Microsoft account users view Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files on their mobile devices. But, the Verge added, editing the documents would require an Office 365 subscription.According to The Verge report, Microsoft will release the apps for free. 

 A spokesperson for Microsoft reportedly told reporters that “Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.”This is a real good news for all the smartphone users.there were 3rd party apps which supported the following format but having Microsoft office will give a complete different experience.Lets see how successful will it be.


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