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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hack for Gesture Media control via Lockscreen for WM users

By-Rustam Ali

Older Windows mobile software platform had a lot many less features than android .Still developers tried to provide some features to windows mobiles via certain hacks. Today we will introduce a hack which will allow you to enable Media Control via gesture in any device running on WM 6.5 and above. The following hack is a patch developed by XDA Developers, this patch will configure your lockscreen to control your windows media player via gestures.

You can apply this patch on your phone by following steps:-

1) Download latest version of LockScreenPatcher (currently: test)
2) Download lockscreen.dll from your phone (Resco Explorer, RAPI tools, this will be automated maybe in later versions)
3) Run the LockScreenPatcher against the lockscreen.dll you just copied over
4) If everything goes fine, there should be message "File patched blabla"
5) Now take newly generated file (lockscreen.dll_), rename to lockscreen.dll and put back to your phone
6) Insert into registry that value, as the application tells you
7) Reboot your phone.

You can also refer this video for installation technique. And you can download the patch from this link.


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