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Monday, November 05, 2012

Free Wi-fi for all Facebook users !!

By-Harkirat Singh (Twitter)(Google+)

                                                            Good news for Facebook users,Facebook is testing a new Wi-Fi hot spot service for local businesses that lets users surf the net for free if they do a Facebook check-in."When you access Facebook Wi-Fi by checking in, you are directed to your local business's Facebook Page.


Developer Waddington wrote in a post on his blog:

In the code used to build the graphs and charts for page insights, there’s a list of all of the possible sources for new likes. Adverts, like buttons, like boxes, search results, and the pages wizard top the list.

However, there’s a new entry — social_wifi. It’s (so far) the only reference I can find for it, so it’s tough to work out exactly how the feature might work.

The explanation for the graph tool tip currently reads, “People who liked your page after checking in via Facebook Wi-Fi.”

I’d suggest that page owners of local businesses would be able to associate their public Wi-Fi hotspots with their Facebook pages. Then, a callout on the Facebook homepage could suggest that Wi-Fi users become a fan of that page.

Facebook confirmed the Wi-Fi test to Inside Facebook, saying:

We are currently running a small test with a few local businesses of a Wi-Fi router that is designed to offer a quick and easy way to access free Wi-Fi after checking in on Facebook. When you access Facebook Wi-Fi by checking in, you are directed to your local business’ Facebook page.


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