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Monday, September 17, 2012

Yahoo offers free iphone5,galaxys3 for all their employees!,good bye blackberry

  By- Harkirat Singh(facebook)(twitter)   

                        This news is really sad for research in motion,blackberry shares are already down and they have delayed their new os 10 to next year !! With the rising demands of newer and smarter phones blackberry is lacking somewhere.Their shares are already down by 48% since start of 2012.
                     The initiative will be implemented beginning with US employees and is later expected to roll out to 22 countries. Apart from offering new smartphones to employees, the company will also cover the monthly phone and data usage bills for them.

Here's a look at the internal memo that was circulated:

We have a very exciting update to share with you today - we are announcing  Yahoo! Smart Phones, Smart Fun!  As of today, Yahoo is moving off of blackberries as our corporate phones and on to smartphones in 22 countries.  A few weeks ago, we said that we would look into smartphone penetration rates globally and take those rates into account when deciding on corporate phones. Ideally, we'd like our employees to have devices similar to our users, so we can think and work as the majority of our users do.

Moving forward, we'll offer you a choice of devices as well as provide monthly plans for the data and phone. The smartphone choices that we are including in the program are:

Apple iPhone 5
    - Samsung Galaxy S III
    - HTC One X
    - HTC EVO 4G LTE
Windows Phone 8:
    - Nokia Lumia 920

We're getting started right away and taking orders starting now.


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