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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to install 6.39 TN-A HEN

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

How to install 6.39 TN-A HEN here is a small tutorial guide. IF you are a newbie when it comes to installing a PSP Custom Firmware onto your PSP , Then this guide will show you how to go about installing PSP CFW 6.39 TN-A HEN on your PSP .
Make sure to follow the instruction carefully when trying to install this PSP CFW 6.39 TN-A HEN into your PSP or PSP Go System .

6.39 The TN-A is a temporary custom firmware, which was developed by Total_Noob. Since this is a temporary need is custom firmware that after each complete turn of the PSP to be restarted. But not if you’ve brought your PSP into standby mode.

What does the 6:39 TN-A?

you can use plugins

you can use Custom Themes

full support of play PSX

Start your backups directly from the XMB

Homebrews run

Recovery Menu

Does 6:39 TN-A on all PSPs?

Yes, it works at all! Whether 1000, 2000, 3000.4000 or Go.

How do I install the 6:39 TN-A?

first checks if you have installed the OFW on your PSP 6:39, if not then then download from below .

Download Official Firmware 6.39 (PSP X000)
PSP Firmware 6.39 
PSPGo Firmware 6.39

6:39 TN-A HEN
Download Here- Link

copies the contents to PSP / GAME

the start of your PSP Homebrew Enabler TN

Now press the X button and the 6:39 TN-A is installed on your PSP

How do I uninstall the 6:39 TN-A?

Just turn your PSP completely and since her return to the SAW

Why can not play backups, with the 6:39 TN-A?

Total_Noob has conscious decision not to support, but this is not bad. Invite you this plug in and it goes down

aLoader v2 Beta1
Download Here

The VSH menu
By pressing the select button in the XMB where you come in VSH menu of 6:39 TN-A, make the following settings you can:

CPU CLOCK XMB: adjusts the CPU speed in the XMB (333/166 recommended)

CPU CLOCK GAME: adjusts the CPU speed in games (333 / 166 recommended)

FAKE REGION: so that you can change the region of your PSP

SKIP GAME BOAT: skip the psp game boot at start of applications and games

HIDE MAC ADDRESS: hides your MAC Address

TN NETWORK UPDATE: TN enable System Update (en)

HIDE & Pic0 PIC1: hidden Pic0 and PIC1 in applications and games

SPOOF VERSION: choose between the firmware to 6.39 or 6:39 TN-A

USB CHARGE: Charge your PSP via USB, but are in USB mode

SCROLL FAST MUSIC: move faster through the XMB

PROTECT flash0: protects your flash0 (recommended Enable)

SHUTDOWN DEVICE: turn the PSP off completely

SUSPEND DEVICE: put the PSP in standby

RESET DEVICE: starts the new PSP and finished 6:39 TN-A

RESET VSH: starts the new PSP without terminating the 6:39 TN-A

EXIT: Exit the VSH Menu


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