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Friday, September 28, 2012

Send Real Gifts To Your Friends Via Facebook Gifts

By Sukesh Kumar     

Facebook has really improved its range of services by providing users with various improvement over last few years. Over 900 million users login daily using their smartphones & tablets but still Zuckerberg's company has failed to turn those number into hard cash.

Facebook has made its mobile app a lot more stable and slick – on all platforms – and among the various takeovers Facebook has made over the past couple of months, the purchase of social gifting app Karma has stood out as a potential remedy to the company’s mobile revenue great distress.

Now if we go into the past, Facebook used to have its own gifting infrastructure, which allowed users to send virtual items as presents for various occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, & other celebrations. Like few other Facebook's implementation, it was silently removed & not to ask why.   

Expecting users to pay cash for a birthday cake they can’t even eat? Or a Teddy they can't even play with? The idea was somewhat frustating, but now the Karma purchase has brought about a Facebook service service with a twist – one can actually send and receive real gifts!

        DisplayMediaA whole lot of companies have keenly hopped aboard the idea, including Starbucks, as well as dealers of sweets, socks, chocolate, cakes, and other novelty items ideal for celebratory purposes. 
                    Facebook Gifts
Recipients will be notified when a gift has arrived, which is a nice idea, and the feature will begin rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

(source Facebook)

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