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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Now Wants Another $707 Million From Samsung!!

By Sukesh Kumar     

Apple’s legal iBoys have made a new request – Apple wants to force Samsung to hand over an additional $707 million. That’s almost three quarters of a billion dollars on top of the one billion dollars it has already been awarded.
Well, according to Apple’s lawyers, the company wants $535 million for design infringement and $121 million to compensate for Samsung’s earnings whilst the original jury was out deliberating. There’s also and addition $50 million of payment interest on damages through December 31.

Samsung, for its part, has asked for a retrial and also said that it would add the recently released iPhone 5 to its patent trials in the United States. Could you imagine if the newly declared smartphone king found itself banned from United States? But Stuffs happens!!  

But as a customer we just want you guys to sit back and Enjoy this amazing Smartphone war.. and we promise to keep you updated over the coming weeks, months and years.

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(via Reuters)

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