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Monday, September 17, 2012

Viber for bada os launched for free !!

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DescriptionAfter long time of waiting, Viber is here for FREE.A new version of Viber for Bada released on 09/11/2012 (v.2.1.20 ).In this version the chat is working very good and fast.

  • It is available only for WAVE 3, and WAVE M. 
  • BUT we can use the WAVE 3 market (apps file):

Download from SamsungApps (WAVE 3/M): DOWNLOAD

HOW TO DOWNLOAD FOR WAVE 1/2 ??Here are the steps:

  •  Use multiloader to load the attached .apps file. 
  • Now ur phone accepts wave 3 apps, but if you try to install it doesn’t. 
  • Its because of the samsung account that ur using. So, create a new samsung account and install Viber.  
  • Now it will install n work perfectly. Now sign back to ur orginal samsung account if you want.



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