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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Enough Of Apple Vs Samsung!! Time For Nokia Vs HTC...

By Sukesh Kumar  

The 'Battle of the Smartphones' is on full phase with Apple and Samsung duking it out in the courts in a very high-profile battle over certain patent infringements. According to the recent reports, it looks like Nokia and HTC could be heading for their own legal battle. 

The information comes from a reliable source that Nokia is planning to take some legal action against HTC over the look and design of their recently announced Windows 8 smartphones. 

Nokia and Microsoft have recently held a joint media event to announce the Lumia 820 and 920 devices that will be powered by Windows Phone 8.
HTC-WP-8X-3V-multicolorNokia Lumia 920 front shot colors

HTC also held their own event in the last few days with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer in attendance. The purpose of the event was to announce their own Windows Phone 8 handsets, the HTC 8X and 8S.

There is no denying that the newly announced HTC devices look extremely gorgeous, but you would burst out laughing for claiming that the 8X has resemblance to the Nokia Lumia 820. 

According to the source, Nokia is preparing their case in an attempt to try and get the HTC 8X banned from sale in certain territories. The device in question isn’t due to go on sale until November, but if Nokia gets their way, then that won’t happen, at least in the parts of the world that their design patents are enforceable. With both sets of windows devices scheduled to hit the market in November after Windows Phone 8 has officially launched, it’ll be interesting to see what the result will be for HTC.

(via Redmondpie)


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