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Saturday, September 22, 2012

iPhone 5 Benchmarks Details: It’s The Fastest Smartphone Till Date

By Sukesh Kumar    
  iPhone 5 A6 chip
A number of Geekbench reports produced different results for the iPhone 5′s CPU clock speed. Initial tests show the A6 processor in the device idling at 800MHz with that clock speed rising to 1.2GHz when under duress. In this instance, the load being applied to the CPU was provided by an app being downloaded in the background when the tests were running. The fluctuation in clock speeds depending on the state of the processor seem to negate earlier assumptions that the dual-core A6 processor ran at a consistent 1GHz clock speed.

Our own personal comparisons between the iPhone 5 and 4Sshowed that the iPhone 5 performed over two times better than the 4S on the same tests. The nearest competitor in the BrowserMark test was the international Samsung Galaxy S III, with the iPhone 5 returning a score 191726 compared to the Galaxy’s 172237. Apple’s previous model, the iPhone 4S, didn’t fare too well with a score of 106029 while running the latest iOS 6.



The additional tests ran by the team seem to confirm that Apple’s claim of 2X processor performance increase over the iPhone 4S are pretty accurate, with the results showing that the new A6 included with the iPhone 5 has similar performance to that of the iPad 3.



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