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Saturday, September 29, 2012

App Manager For Android- Make Your App Backup

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

This app is not Titaniam Backup but this app is free and light and can be used for creating your apps back up and also manage them. 

First look for the app named App Manager by Burrows apps as if you only search your Android market then i m sure you will find lot of Back up manager Apps.

Once you download this app you will screen like above and all apps will be shown like above.

You can select one app or multiple apps and make their backup.

Just tapping on any apps you will get a screen like above and you can see the details like where the apk is available, where the packet is installed, file size and as well as the last updated file.

Just keep holding any App and it will show screen like launch, uninstall, Backups and App details.

App details like above shows its various informations.

Just select any or multiple App and use the highlighted menu above to make its backup.

The over all feature is not same as titanium backup but the app is very good and also recommended by xda-developers as its free with adds and also without adds in pro version.


Thank you so much for writing a review about my App!

It's our pleasure writing review about such great app.

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