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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Samsung Developing it's Own Mobile Web Browser

Samsung’s research and development center in Silicon Valley is allegedly looking to hire WebKit experts. WebKit, for those who don’t know that word, is the name of the browser engine that nearly every company in the mobile phone industry uses. Apple uses it in Safari, Google uses it in Chrome, RIM uses it in their BlackBerry devices, you get the idea. The South Korean handset maker is rumored to be building a new web browser, specifically for their Android devices. We’re not going to know if this is true or not until the company announces their plans, but let’s speculate for a second.

Why would Samsung make their own browser when the stock Android browser is pretty damn nice and Chrome for Android is, for all intents and purposes, the best browser in the Google Play Store? Is it branding? There’s S-Note, S-Pen, S-Calendar, S-Voice, and the list just keeps goes on and on. Making S-Web would be yet another br
and to add to that list.

Samsung Developing it's Own Mobile Web Browser

But then again Samsung also designs their own chips, so maybe they know how to write the best browser for their hardware? Think about it for a second, Android is made so that it can run on a variety of chipsets. If Samsung makes their own browser, then they can take better advantage of the chips they’ve already designed. In the future they can even design chips that have specific accelerators that only Samsung can take advantage of with their code.

It’s hard to reason this one out, so like we said earlier, we’re looking forward to hearing what Samsung has to say about all this when and if it ever becomes official. Until then, you really should be using Chrome for Android. It’s so good that it’ll put a permanent smile on your face.


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