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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sony Officially Launches Play Station 4: Specs

As it was planned to be Sony held an event today to officially unveil Play Station 4. The next-gen gaming platform is designed to shift focus from the living room to the gamer as Sony said, they wanted to create a gaming platform where the gamer is not restricted anywhere  He can easily game anywhere he wants to.

So finally after a long wait the Play Station 4 is out and features like a x86 based PC making it easy for a developers to develop, stunning graphics, 8 gigs of DDR5 memory and with massive internal hard- drive.

Dual shock 4 Controller:

The most appreciated change that we have seen with the launch of PS4 is the controller. It features a touchscreen and on the rear it contains a light bar to identify it's players. It also contains a earphone jack which may be used for voice chat and also the PS4’s built-in 3D camera detects the player using the light bars. Mostly it can be called as PS Vita styled touch-pad. 

Other Specs:

The hardware is somewhat trying to borrow tricks from mobile games which allows users to put there game in freeze and easily resume without actually turning on/off their console. The advanced video sharing option has enabled users to stream videos while playing them. The background downloading system allows users to play games before they are installed completely on your local drive. Another important change in gaming pattern observed in PS4 is that you can help your friend remotely to get out of a tough point where he is struck. iOS and Android platform users will soon see an update app which will allow them to control their PS4 from their smartphones. There's also a huge PS Vita integration.

PlayStation 4's lead system architect Mark Cerny holds a gaming control device during the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 launch event in New York. (Reuters)
However Microsoft X-Box 720 is on it;s way to com-petite against the magnificent Play Station 4. Let's see who beats and what are the chances of which console will dominate the next-gen gaming platform.

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