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Monday, February 11, 2013

Control your smartphone via gestures using Trigger

                    All new high end phones posses "Google Gesture Search", an application that allows users to draw alphabetical letters to finds contacts, music, apps among others within your Android phone. But now developers have come up with an application "Trigger", that can be installed in any android phone and be controlled via pre-designed gestures as well as user-defined gestures.

                     Trigger is very user-friendly with it’s extensive customization options, allowing users to launch applications and shortcuts, toggle settings such as WiFi on/off, panels with various functions, and various other miscellaneous actions such as send emails and simulate the actions of the home button.
                     Some of the Pre-defined Gestures available in this application are listed below -:

1. Application Panel -Similar to an Application Folder
2. Image Panel
3. Info Panel
4. Text Panel
5. Note Pad Panel
6. Clip Board Panel

1.Launch any application

1. Profiles -Change a large variety of settings with one gesture
2. Vibrate Mode On
3. Vibrate Mode Off
4. Silent Mode On
5. Silent Mode Off
6. WiFi On
7. WiFi Off
8. Bluetooth On
9. Bluetooth Off
10. Data On
11. Data Off
12. Airplane Mode On
13. Airplane Mode Off
14. Adjust Brightness
15. Adjust Volume

1. Do Nothing -For the moments when two gestures are too similar
2. Vibrate Once
3. Play Sound
4. Open Dial pad
5. Call Number
6. Send SMS/MMS
7. SMS/MMS Contact
8. Send E-Mail
9. E-Mail Contact
10. Open Website

1. Lock
2. Dismiss Gesture Field -Also able to press the Trigger again to dismiss
3. Simulate Home Button
4. Switch to Previous App
5. Recent Apps Field 
6. Pull Notification Bar

Photo Credits-XDA Developers 

                  Trigger has two gesture-based modes, the first being drawing a gesture upon pressing a floating widget (called the trigger), and the second being swiping the floating widget up, down, left or right to trigger user define actions. Trigger also has a feature where  you shake your device to make the trigger appear and disappear. The recent update, contains 2 new panels: a notepad and clipboard, which both slide out once gestured for.
                  This wonderful application is available to anyone using Android 2.3 and newer, Trigger can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
                   Play Store Link 

Source- XDA Developres


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