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Sunday, February 03, 2013

10 Must Have Apps For Your Android SmartPhone

We aren't well acquainted with all the App which is available in Play Store. It's a natural tendency for us to keep looking for apps that may sound interesting. Play Store promote new apps so does do technology magazines. Rest we may hear from various website or blogs. Small developers sometimes do excellent job but they are not well promoted, that's what our job is here. 

Today i made a list of few famous Apps that you must have on your Android Phone, most probably i wrote this article for Galaxy Note II but it will work on other android phones as well.
Check your compatibility in the play store link and if it's fine to go do install and try out.

1.Power Toggles:

If you need to toggle to many of your phones main features then go ahead and install this app. Will provide a new set of toggle options to control your phone. 
Get it here.

2.PicSay Photo Editor:

Need to say within the pictures this app is right for you. Customize your photos to various extent such as adding cartoonistic text boxes and pre defined images. The pro version is also available.
Get it here.

3.Super SU:

Super SU is the Superuser access management tool of the future. If you are rooted you must have this.
Get it here.


Tired with painful Samsung Kies bug, this is the best app you can get for wirelessly transferring anything from your desktop to your phone or vice-versa. One thing is important that you must be connected over the same modem otherwise you can't transfer. This app is having a smooth UI and have no certain bug. Also includes feature like installing an app directly from your pc to your mobile.
Get it here.

5.MX Player:

This is the best app for watching video on your smartphone. We always struck with various videos format and that's why we need to change it to some desired supported format before transferring it to our phone. That limitation is lifted here by this MX Player as it can play multiple format videos. Not only these there are few other cool things as you can pinch and zoom and swipe around subtitle.
Get it here.


The best app of its kind. It does almost anything. Do test yourself to find about this app but sorry this app ain't free.
Get it here.

7.PIC Speed HD Wallpaper:

Bored of your phone home screen and want to customize it with HD wallpapers this is the thing. This app provides over 170,000 HD wallpapers of all different genres.
Get it here.


If you are bored with your default phone gallery try this out. This is just an alternative to browse your phone's pictures.
Get it here.


Must note this app requires root permission as there aren't any good app that can block all the in apps advertisement without root.
Get it here.


Bring DSLR-like Photography to your Smartphone. I am sure you must have heard about Instagram but this one is like a pro thing to your photography editing tool. 
Get it here.

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