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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Make WhatsApp Free For Lifetime

"WhatsApp", A revolutionary messaging application  which completely eliminated the so called term 'SMS'. Now, people usually refer to the phrase "WhatsApp me" instead of "message me". Now, the problem with WhatsApp is that you have to pay 0.99$ on iOS to get it but once you purchase it, it's free for lifetime. Whereas, on Android and other platforms it's free for 1 year after which you have to pay 0.99$ every year to use it. Quiet disappointing. But there's always a way to get things for free and same goes for Whatsapp too. Today, I am gonna tell you how to make WhatsApp's subscription free for lifetime.

All you need is, 
  • Apple Account 
  • Patience 
  • iPhone (temporary)
Lets begin.
Starting of with 'Apple Account', you need to create one. Just download and install 'itunes' and from there you can easily create your Apple account.

Next comes 'Patience'. It's quiet a tradition on iOS where they giveaway various apps for free of cost. So, every year there's a period when 'Whatsapp' is completely free on iOS, i.e, lifetime subscription. 
So have patience and wait for that period to come. Don't worry, stay tuned to Hackinthus and we will let you know.

Finally, you need an 'iPhone' which you can easily borrow from one of your friends. Once you have downloaded WhatsApp from App store for free from your account, install it on your friend's iPhone with your own SIM card in it.(Don't Forget to first Log Out from his Apple account and then Log In via yours).
After installing, just enter the required data and done!!(Just for Safety message few of your buddies using iPhone and then log out from your Whatsapp's account).

Take out the SIM card and put it back into your Android phone, install WhatsApp in it via the usual procedure and then go to Settings -> Account -> Payment and you shall be greeted with this screen.

Now, I am not sure about this trick working on every single device or platform. But incase you are having any sort of problem, feel free to comment below so that we can help you out.

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Thank u ... it really worked for android :)

@yashaswi No you can't as whatsapp is not available on iPad or iPod!! You need an iPhone!!

Actually, you can use WhatsApp on an jailbroken iPod, there's a hack in Cydia that allows you to do that.

How do i get it free for android? Plese help me with this :(

@Yaqub Uvais first download apk from and try to install it. You can get one year free license extended. If that's works for you it's perfect or else will tell you other methods.

hey! actually my account expiry period is nearing! i use watsapp on android!!
can yu please help with this issue!! how can i extend the usage period without paying for it??

@maddy Go to and download it again. Install it and then check your validation once again.(it might help) You will also be getting a new interface.

Can I download by iTunes nd then v can transfer for Android ??

@aishwary No buddy, you have to register on whatsapp using an iPhone so that your number gets registered on that purchase. Then, you can install whatsapp into your android phone.

But apple also shld tke chrge of whtsapp..
Mns i hve alrdy wtsapp free vrsn in apple!!
Den if i unistall it den ltr on i must pay 4 itt naa 2 reinstll..??
Any solutnn..??

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