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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

iPhone Projector @ ₹18000

Imagine yourself in situation where you are at your friend's place at mid-night and suddenly everyone plans for watching some kick-ass movie!! But they are too bored of that old 15.6'inch laptop screen - they want something big!!
That's exactly where iPhone projector comes into picture. Days are gone when people used it to advertise for presentations and for office use - this gadget is designed for all the youths and I believe more than 40% of youth owns an iPhone. Right?? Yeah!!

All you need to do is connect your iPhone to the 30-pin connector (see below) which also acts as a stand for your iPhone and switch it on. Your iPhone screen will be projected wherever and whenever you want. Isn't it great?? Ya I agree that its a bit heavy on your wallet, but C'mon mate if you can afford an iPhone means you can afford this too!! 

And for those who own an iPhone 5, not to worry as you can get yourself a lighting to 30-pin converter easily from any apple store.

So what do you think? Wanna get hands-on this thing?? Contact us on support@hackinthus.com or just leave a comment with your details so that we can contact you.*

Price - 18000

We would like to thank "New Mas" for providing us with this awesome gadget!! 

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*Applicable only in Bangalore    


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