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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apple Can Lose It's Name "iPhone" In Brazil

Ever wondered how Apple makes a difference today. If anyone could imagine Apple then sone would surely think of an iPhone, iPad first. Absolutely, iPhone rules the heart of many people and surely needs no introduction here what's an iPhone is. Still there could be trouble for the Cupertino based Smartphone Giant Apple to use the name "iPhone" in Brazil.

You might be thinking here what a lame thing i might be talking about. I mean we have heard recently Apple does faces lawsuits from some companies but could it be on the name "iPhone"? It's not a lame thing but Apple has been in serious worries about using iPhone in Brazil.

The country’s copyright regulator is likely to strip Apple Inc of the right to use that name in Brazil. This is because a Brazilian consumer electronics company was using the “iPhone” trademark a good 7 years before Apple introduced the iPhone.

Gradiente Eletronica SA, a Brazilian consumer electronics maker have registered "iPhone" way back in 2000 before iPhone was introduced to this world. It had also launched a line-up of Android power smartphone which was called "iPhone" back in December 2012.

This could go bad for Apple because the Brazilian copyrights regulator – The Brazilian Institute of Intellectual Property is expected to give it's verdict on this matter on February 2013. This would simply mean if it goes against Apple then probably Apple cant use "iPhone" for selling it's iPhone's in Brazilian market.

Brazilian population has eventually a mid-class consumers and Apple has a good consumer base there for iPhone and eventually if Gradiente Eletronica SA snatches away it's name then probably the conflict of trade is about to begin. Just image what should we call iPhone simply an iPhone is an iPhone indeed. 

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