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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Google Glass : What It Actually Is

'Google Glass' - Many of us have heard about it - Many of us want to own it, but ever wondered what Google Glass Actually is? What it does? Well, Hackinthus is here to let you know about this amazing gadget!  

For some, Google Glass is just another waste-of-money kind of gadget and seems useless to them. While for others, its like some cool must-have futuristic-looking gadget which allows you to have your personal computer right in front of your eyes. But then again, Will you really wear this stuff in public??

What All Super-Powers You Gain Once You Are Connected To Google Glass

Well, Google wants us to have a hands-free smartphone experience where you can access all the information without looking down at your smartphone. Google Glass is basically an Android powered device which produces a display image right above the right eye with information like messaging and map directions via voice commands. It comes with an inbuilt 720p front camera which allow users to take pictures or stream live video.(wow!)

It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi which can tether via an Android Smartphone or an iPhone. 

Will You Be Needing These Super-Powers?

Answering this question is quiet tough for us as it varies from person to person. But what we can do is change your mindset about this device with this video.
This is a demo video from Google which shows you how it feels when you wear Google Glass.

Amazing right?? But will people really be able to walk everywhere with this weird looking device on their face? Specially in India, where people just won't stop staring at you no matter where you go.


When Can You Get Hold Of This Device

Google will be launching the consumer version of Glass by the end of this year.But they have already started giving out developer models for a price tag of $1500(80000).(Ouch!) 
We are expecting the price to be more reasonable once the gadget is publicly launched. Currently, Google Glass will be available in five different avatars : black, white, blue, gray and orange.

We are really excited about this device as it might just change everything. Are you too excited??
 Please let us know via comments.

(via IGN)

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