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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Jelly Bean Lock Screen Notification Widget

We always want things at our fingertips so why do we need to press a button and then touch our lock screen  to see our notification.So making it more easy and comfortable Xda-developer forum member Roymam developed a new screen notification widget.It will soon be released in google play and was shared to the  members of xda before it's launch !! I personally tested this widget and it's quite impressive.

No Root Access is Required !!

The features and installation process  are as defined by the developer -:

App Features:

1. Handles all dismissable notifications including but not limited to missed calls, SMS, Facebook, Gmail, etc. (the app runs as accessibility service and receives all notifications) 
2. Allow launching the app from the notifications list. 
3. Combines multiple similar notifications into one notification with counter. 
4. Turns on the screen when a new notification arrives. (Optional)
5. Display small/big clock with time and date desc above the notifications list. 
6. Allow showing full original notification content as it appears on notifications bar.
7. Clear notifications list when device is unlocked (optional) 
8. Experimental - clear all notifications when clear button is clicked on android notifications bar. (optional) 


1. Download and install the app from the link below. 
2. Goto android settings - accessibility
3. Touch on NotificationsWidget and then turn it on. 
4. Approve the android warning. (this is standard android warning for every accessibility service, this app DOES NOT collect any information) 
5. Lock the screen and add Notifications Widget to the lock screen. 


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