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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Apple Loses The Trademark "iPhone" In Brazil

Last week we posted about the trouble Apple was facing in Brazil. It was claimed that Gradiente Eletronica SA, a Brazilian consumer electronics maker have registered "iPhone" way back in 2000 before iPhone was introduced to this world. It had also launched a line-up of Android power smartphone which was called "iPhone" back in December 2012.

Today according to BBC Report Apple has lost the case in Brazil. So finally it was unfavorable against Apple now that they don't have the right to use trademark "Apple iPhone"  in Brazil. The Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has ruled in favor of Brazilian electronics firm IGB Electronics SA which owned the rights for the name “iPhone” in Brazil since the early 2000′s.

People should not confuse that Apple could not use the name iPhone now in Brazil, but it means that the existing company IGB Electronics SA which had lined up Android devices with name iPhone can continue with the name. For the American company Apple, they wanted to use the name iPhone in Brazil, as they had a strong market base there for the consumers in Brazil. In certain rumor we even came to know IGB had earlier contacted Apple for selling their name iPhone to them but Apple had turned down the offer to find other possible legal options.

This could worsen the situation for Apple sales in Brazil. However lets wait for the future to see about the stats.

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Source: BBC

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