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Friday, February 15, 2013

Google Play Music Bug

Everyone believe that music player experience can always be enhanced. Some people prefer it to be really simple while some want it to be completely customizable. Nearly every Android user uses a third party Music Player app, like Winamp or Real Player, which provide them with not only a very interactive UI but also various options to enhance their music experience.

Google too released their very own Music Player know as 'Google Play Music'. Now, Play Music is a very simple and attractive music player build for those who want to keep things simple and at the same time provide some amount of add-ons to enhance your listening experience.

Now, I have been using Samsung Galaxy Note II for more than a month and been experiencing this annoying bug on Google Music Player. I am not sure about this bug being only with my Note II or every android user out there.
Everything seems to be working fine until I change it's orientation to Landscape. The Album Art along with Music Title completely disappears. Even if I change it back to Portrait, it remains the same. I badly want Google to fix this issue as its very annoying.

Please do comment and let me know if you are experiencing it too.

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