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Friday, December 07, 2012

Youtube redesigned,Did you notice the change ??

We all know Google has always been making changes in it's product to make it simpler and more use friendly and this time it's Youtube.The new version of the homepage is centered around the YouTube Guide, which shows all new videos from channels that users have subscribed to. It also recommends channels that you might like, based upon your viewing habits, as well as those that your friends are watching.

This change is made basically to put actual content to the people rather than putting irrelevant things,and trust me this change looks good.While you’ve always been able to subscribe to channels, Google is pushing how the subscription-focused design is "just like adding your favorite shows to your DVR." Below is the screenshot of the Youtube homepage and the previous one is the notification that you will get by youtube when you visit it for the first time.

That plan has apparently worked, as the number of users who subscribe has more than doubled during that time. YouTube users are subscribing to about 50 percent more channels, and view time from channels has grown 30 percent. YouTube now claims to have more than 800 million users showing up every month who watch 4 billion hours of videos during that time.

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Ya I noticed It Last Week.
But don't find any major change in it.
This Feature Google is adding to Youtube
I think People hardly Use it.
They just watch and leave .
( )

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