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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Walking Text Application for all Android devices

By-Rustam Ali

Texting while walking is a common thing in our new generation, after the advent of messaging came social networking sites and then social networking chat applications which will allow you to chat with anyone in the world on your smartphone or other devices. But there is a demerit to this, people do not pay attention around them while texting which can lead them to bang into a wall or fall in a pit or anything else which you can surely imagine by your self. 

Walking text is an application developed by developers keeping the above scenario in mind, they have clubbed camera and texting interface so that while walking you can see the way and text simultaneously.It works by activating the camera, and overlaying this on the screen. It then allows you to send SMS messages while the camera is on via a transparent keyboard. This application can be downloaded from Google Play store.

*QWERTY full transparent keyboard,
*Flash Led turn on/off from keyboard,
*With Capture key from keyboard you can take picture any time you want while texting,
*Semi transparent QWERTY keyboard which you can use instead of 
full transparent,
*Reaching all contacts within the application while camera preview is resuming,
*Notification service for incoming SMS and Delivery Report support with on/off options,
*Changing Text size and color support.


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