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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Welcome iPhone 5S!!!

All the hype and excitement about the recent masterpiece from apple (iPhone 5) has not yet been grounded, and the people around are already making speculations about the Apple's next. There is buzz around that  Apple will be putting its next product to early testing in order to avoid the engineering defects they have encountered with the current iPhone 5.

And this buzz is proving to be all the more truthful as now we are enlightened with the leaked pictures of iPhone 5S, which claim to be the rear shell of Apple's next smartphone.

The leaked pictures could possibly be from the rumored batch of iPhones which Apple is said to have ordered as a part of the pre-testing.

Well, whether these are the real pictures of the iPhone 5S or not.. that we are going to find out down the line, but we think the rumors about iPhone 5S have hit the market way too early. 
Don't you think??!!!


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