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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Creating new hard disk partitions in Windows 7 or Vista

By- Rustam Ali

Normally when you purchase a PC, the number of partitions provided for hard disk do not seem adequate and you have no other choice than compromising with it. What if you could create hard disk partitions by yourself in your PC??
It is possible and today i will explain you the steps in order to create a new hard disk partition in your Windows 7 or Vista PC.

1.Click on Start button.  

    2.Type Disk Management in the search column.

    3.Select Create and format hard disk partitions.

    4.Select the Drive from which you can draw the required memory to create a new partition. In my case i am having space in D Drive.

    5.Right click on the D Drive and select Shrink Volume.

    6.It will take some time and then show you a dialog box as shown below 

    7.In the space provided Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB, enter the memory. As in my case i have entered 10240 MB that equals 10 GB.

    8.Then click on Shrink which will create a new volume of 10 GB and will be showed in green color that is free memory.

    9.Right click on New simple volume and then just keep pressing next.

    10.At last a new partition will be created.


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