iPhone 5 for $127, 4S for $47, and third-gen iPad for $399 by Walmart !! ~ Hackinthus

Saturday, December 15, 2012

iPhone 5 for $127, 4S for $47, and third-gen iPad for $399 by Walmart !!

Walmart has always been offering great price and discounts for iPhone and continues it's legacy by giving more discount as the festive season is really close.We had reported earlier about the best price of iPhone when it was launched .

Walmart now offers  16GB iPhone 5 for $127 .It's not just the iPhone,other products are also being offered at a great price Walmart also cut the iPhone 4S from $89.97 to $47 starting today, with sales subject to the usual two-year contract, 16 GB third-generation iPad with Wi-Fi to $399. Walmart said its iPad deal would feature a bonus $30 iTunes card beginning Dec. 17, but all special rollback prices are in-store only.

Walmart is making continuous changes in their offers and statements so stay tuned for further updates

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