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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Facebook starts rolling photo Sync feature for android and ios devices !!

BY-Harkirat Singh (Twitter)(Google+)

                           Facebook,Facebook,Facebook.I think it will not leave any stone Unturned and tries everything possible which can make their users happy and their interface user friendly.Facebook has just announced that they have just started rolling out new photo sync for everyone which makes it easier for you to share photos. With this feature, photos from your phone sync automatically to a private album on the web. When you want to share these photos, just pick and post your favorites.


                      FB on their blog said "We began testing photo sync in August and will continue to make it available to more people. Get the latest Facebook app for Android or iPhone to try it out".There is also a sync from Wi-Fi only so users can manually enable this process to start only when the phone is in the range of a Wi-Fi network. This way the app will not automatically guzzle 3G data.


Those who wish to switch it on right now can enter the Photos section of the app using the left side navigation. They can then tap Photos and the tap Sync at the bottom. Similar steps apply to the web version of the site, with the only difference being that the Photos section will be available directly through the timeline. Images up to 2GB can be synced at a time.

Isn't that great now,uploading your pics after each and every event was so hectic and tiring,First you had to transfer transfer the pics from your phone to you laptop and then upload it.This solves a lot of problem right ??

What do you think about this new feature ???

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