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Monday, December 03, 2012

LED Notifications On Any Android Device Without Root Access- LED Blinker

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

LED Notifications are too important these days whenever you feel like your phone contains something when it's in sleep mode. We keep turning it on and check whether we've got any SMS, Missed Call or any Notification. Thus we are led down if our phone don't have any LED indicator as a hardware. So what to do next? Keep our self restricted? Well we've Got LED Blinker App which not only provides LED notifications but also doesn't require any Root access. So You don't have to be worried about your phone to be rooted.

I am taking LEDBlinker Pro as an example here to explain you it's various features however it also have a free version under the name LED Blinker Lite.

As we can see we have got various sections "Missed Call, SMS, Battery Status Low,etc" in the Application. You can chose any color indicator as your wish you want to be notified on your screen as indicator.

The Pro version contain other sections like WhatsApp message, Google Talk Message, Facebook, etc but if you need only for Missed Calls and SMS the lite version is enough for you to use.

For the Pro Version people have to Toggle On this above shown section which gives various permission whenever your phone wants to indicate about your Social Networking Activities. However it promises not to store any private data but please be sure to trust this app to Toggle On this Setting.

The inside App Setting contains Menus as shown above like AutoStart, Screen LED, Flashing Screen LED, Blink Rate, LED Position, Overwrite system LED.

Coming to the main Screen how your LED will indicate. The Screen Shot above shows the Red dot as chosen for a certain indicator. It doesn't uses much of your battery so you can go on with this App and give it a try.

To get the Pro version get it from here for Free which is version 2.2 Apk. Please do support the developer by buying this App.
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