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Saturday, December 01, 2012

How To Increase Volume on iPhone 4S/3GS/4, iPad 2, iPod Touch on iOS 5/ iOS 4 (Video Tutorial)

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We all know that all Apple devices are having a common issue which is the low volume sound, for example when I try to listen to a music on a my iPhone I realize that the sound is so poor, of course there is a lot of tweaks can increase the volume of your iPhone like VolumeBoost 4.0 tweak and etc.. In this how to guide you will learn how to significantly increase the volume limit on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running any firmware version.

NOTE: Before we begin, you will need the following jailbreak tweaks installed on your iPhone.

STEP 1: After installing the above tweaks mentioned above, go and open MobileTerminal app.  When open you will see a UNIX screen as depicted below. Containing the name of your iDevice with added: – mobile$, just as shown in the following picture:

STEP 2: Now the next thing you are going to login as a root user, just type this and tap on “return”

You will see a screen like this asking for a password:

STEP 3: Now you are in a need for a password to continue. The default password is alpine  (unless you have changed it). And click “return”

Note: Warning when typing your password no dots appear. Though your letters will be typed.

STEP 4:  The next thing you are going to do is navigate to the directory where the volume limits file is housed and change the permissions of the file so you can edit through iFile. Type cd/

 STEP 5: After writing cd/ Your root directory should appear. Type this and remember  you should type the capitals as shown above and below.:

cd System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework


chmod 777 RegionalVolumeLimits.plist

The following codes you have wrote ensure you to have the whole rights to edit files in the iFile.
STEP 6: Now open iFile and you should see a screen like this:
STEP 7: Now tap on var in the top left corner, then click / now you are in the root folder. Now go toSystem—>Library—>PrivateFrameWorks—>Celestial.framework then browse for the RegionalVolumeLimits.plist file and click on it. Upon clicking the file you should be presented with the options depicted below.
STEP 8: Click on Property List Viewer. Upon doing so you now have all of the volume settings for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in front of you.

Change all the values in this file as shown above from 0,83 to 25. Which means setting the volume limit from 83% to 125%. When you are done it should look like the screenshot shown above.

Note: This is tested by me as the best value for battery life and audio quality of the build in the speaker of the iPhone and iPad (it really decreases when you set it higher). Setting the value higher will make you speaker sound distorted when playing loud music. This was tested on the  iPhone 3GS,  iPhone 4, iPad 1G and iPad 2G.

If you always use a headphone, you could crank up the limit to 99 (199%), though your battery willdecrease by 1% per 3 minutes (tested headphones Sennheiser PMX-60,PX-100II, PX200II, BeyerDynamic T50p and T5p, Grado SR-60i, SR80i, SR-225i, SR-325is, RS-1i and the truly great GS-1000i, as well as the electrostatic STAX SR-007mkII and SR-009 headphones. Keep in mind that you’ll need a power source for the STAX headphones, but when you are in a quiet environment they are the best you can get. When you want the best in-ears try the Bang & Olufsen Earset 3i.).

STEP 9: After you have applied the tweak click Done, and exit iFile with your Home button. Afterwards reboot your device (click power button 3 seconds, and swipe the arrow on the slide to power off text). When your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad turns back on you’ll be rocking with your iDevice.

How To Increase Volume on iPhone 4S/3GS/4, iPad 2, iPod Touch on iOS 5/ iOS 4 Video below :

I hope you done everything in the right way..


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