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Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 Holiday Giveaway: Few Simple Things To Do For Winning Some Products[Updated]

Hi guys, Merry Christmas to all of you from our Team! As told earlier we are presenting you first time Giveaway to few of our lucky readers with few and simple rules. 

For the first time we have chosen three random products to be given away free of cost :) The list goes on like this -

1. Sennheiser HD 180 (Black)

  • Circum-aural Headphones
  • Wired Connectivity
  • Over-the-head
  • Over-the-ear Headphones

2. Sandisk CZ53 8GB Pen Drive

  • 8 GB
  • Windows XP and Above, Mac OS: 10.5 and Above (Software Download Required for Mac)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • USB 2.0

3. Croma Gift Voucher

  • Rs. 1000 Gift Voucher
  • Validity : 365 Days
  • This Gift Voucher is redeemable at all Croma stores across in India

I hope you have seen the products which we are offering but how do you get it? Please read through the details properly before entering the contest.

How To Enter The Contest (Giveaway)

As other Giveaways happening we have also made our rules very simple for you.
You simply have to-

  1. Leave a comment letting us know which is your favorite Smart Phone and why.
  2. Bonus points will be given to our readers liking this post on Facebook and also sharing it.
  3. If you don't have a Gmail account to comment on our post here you can simply leave a comment on Facebook page. (Don't forget to mention about your favorite Smart Phone there)
  4. The contest is only open to legal residents of India.
  5. Winners will be chosen randomly by us. Chances of your win increases on sharing this post on Facebook.
  6. The Winners will be notified by email, so please try to make sure you enter that in correctly. If you comment using Facebook or Twitter, we’ll contact you there, but please make sure your Facebook privacy settings allow messages and/or display your email address.

Contest Validity

The contest is open from 8:00 PM IST on December 24th, 2012 and ends at 11:59 PM on December 30th, 2012. Better hurry up!

If you have a Twitter account please make sure to follow @hackinthus so that it’s easier for us to get in touch with you. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted and if you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.

Update- The Contest entry has been closed. 
The winners for Giveaway 2012 are the following:-

1. Nikhlesh Prasad- Sennheiser HD 180 (Black)
2. Jayant Babani- Croma Gift Voucher(Rs. 1000)
3. Neha Nigam- Sandisk CZ53 8GB Pen Drive

Winners are requested to send their postal address @facebook/twitter message or mail it to hackinthus@gmail.com asap to receive their prize.

*Terms and Conditions Apply


Hi this z Sangeeta. I am using Android Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. I just love to use it..superb.. :-)

Apple iphone 5 . Anyday apple is better than android phones be it samsung note 2 , samsung s3 etc.
The only good thing in samsung smart phone is its screen size. An iphone user can only understand ,what it is .
Iphone. I just love iphone .

Hi my name is Sivakorn Pansailom.I think Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best smart phome for now,it is because it dont need to take a perfect care off and if we put the sim in side the number in the sim will still there.Not like some phone which after we enter the sim everything will not readed and number in the sim will not appear.Samsung is also not so complicated to use

The best phone would be none other than Google nexus 4,..brilliant specifications with an affordable price,..waiting for its release in India,...

i think blackberry torch 9800 is the best smart phone,as it supports touch n type both it makes me feel comfotable to use.

I think sony xperia is best smart phone

I like HTC one V at such a low price it offers all types of features. I just love this phone!

no doubt about apple club but samsung is beating it in many ways... i"ll go for s3 bcoz of its size, os and user interface :-)

HTC Desire is the best u can get in that price range with Android 4.0 and loads of other features to add on..

the new Micromax Superfone Pixel A90S..
good buy at a low price for a short term usage.

the new lumia series from nokia is the best series of mobile phones, esp the lumia 920,820 and the 620
the specs of lumia 920 is just too brilliant for its price(approx 25k).
windows 8 is just too brilliant and fast.
the durability and the build quality of nokia is unbeatable. its a fact and nobody can deny this.
plus the service of nokia in india is pretty good.
there are plenty of nokia care centres in india.
hence i personally feel nokia is coming back with a BANG and W8 is the future.

I would say iphone 5. I tried to sort it out through quick bullet-points:

1. Its not just light, it has some amazing redistribution of weight inside. It just feels different when picking it up.

2. Quick general responses (IOS 6): when opening/closing apps, swiping, texting, pretty much everything.

3. Nice camera that works like a charm in night or dark ambience.

4. With widescreen apps, higher resolution, richer tone and with google maps. its just perfect

5. Its a little expensive but so are other cool stuffs ;)

I like nexus 7 the most. although it has not been launced officialy in India but its feature are great and it is manufactured by the android developer google itself. the other reason for liking is that i like big screen phone where internet browsing experience is the best

i like iPad because it is best tablet in the whole world with no competition i like it because THE BEST AND ALSO IT is in fashion and my passion to it and my apps testing and making it on it i luv it i luv it .

HI .i m pranav
i m using samsung tab 2...
i love it becz it hav a wide display screen ,,which even help me i reading my books,,

Hi i am srinivasan
no doubt htc one x plus is the best,really great music experiance

hi i m nikhlesh.
my fav smart phone is black berry bold 2....... the most amazing thing that blackberry alone offers is BBM... this is the reason why i like it.....

i think samsung note is d bst phn........i just love it...

my fav smartphone is samsung S2...it has awesome features...

iphone 5
nice camera n has perfect google maps...

Android Samsung Galaxy y duos is d best

The best Smartphone right now is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It has no match for its specifications and the reliability that Samsung provides.

according to me the best smart phone is Samsung galaxy S3... reliable.... nd android...:)

i would say samsung galaxy note 2 is the best phone!!!
latest android version jelly bean
gr8 processor and other features just love it!!!

My Favourite smartphone has to be my very own Samsung Galaxy s i9000. I know it may be sound strange, But this was one of the first phones that Samsung manufactured under Android certification. It's been 2 years i have been using it. Fluent, decent camera, nice screen (mind you First AMOLED of Samsung).

And its just the Bonding i have with it. I feel even today when even S3 is out, that My phone is just the Best. :)

hi, this is aditya prabhat I have to say that samsung galaxy s3 is best suited for me with amazing and good sound quality,best camera quality in 8mp & features 1080p video rec,1.9mp front facing cam,beautiful amoled display 720p,cool motion effects,eye tracking,voice control etc...and of course it comes with 1.4ghz quadcore processor perfect for me :)
will love to have that can hackinthus people gift me one :-P

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