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Friday, August 24, 2012

Steve Jobs Played By Ashton Kutcher, In The Upcoming Movie.. (Images)

jOBS, the upcoming indie film documenting the life of Steve Jobs from 1971 to 2000, stars Ashton Kutcher, a lead role decision which has proved very divisive. Whilst we all debate whether the Punk’d, That 70′s Show, and Two And A Half Men star is up for the task, there can be little argument that he does look the part.
Snapped during filming, these images are of Kutcher representing Jobs in the nineties, at the point when he returned back to the helm of Apple. The late, great, Cupertino co-founder was just as famous for his attire as his innovations, and despite being a high-flying, multi-billionaire CEO for much of his life, he wouldn’t have looked out of place as a garage mechanic.
The film is one of two set to tell the tale of Steve Jobs, and although we’re largely undecided about the Ashton Kutcher version (mainly because of Kutcher himself), the alternative version certainly sounds like it could be of mass interest. Created by Sony, it is currently being written by Aaron Sorkin who was, for those of you who don’t remember, the guy behind The Social Network.
Given Sorkin’s stripes in writing fascinating tech-orientated movies, we’re expecting more of the same this time around, and as Walter Isaacson learned, telling the tale of Steve Jobs isn’t as difficult as it would be with others given the intriguing, turbulent life Jobs led.

(source X17Online & Redmondpie) (via CultOfMac)

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