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Monday, August 20, 2012

Add Commonly Used Settings Shortcuts To The Home Screen On Your iPhone - Cydia

TheIconToggles tweak that has just landed in thCydia store is certainly one that would appeal to others who are like me and hate things being hidden away two or three menus deep.
The package comes courtesy of VincenzoBB and offers users the chance to take up the entire real estate of a home screen page by populating it with sixteen individual icons that look like standard applications but exist to give quick access to a variety of different options that the developer believes will be useful to end-users. The package is compatible with all jailbroken devices so is a truly universal installation, although access to shortcuts such as placing a new call will be limited to the iPhone for obvious reasons.


When installed, users will have the sixteen icons placed that offer the ability to quick begin a new mail, new text message or place a new call. Power options are also included with quick access to repsrings, reboots and power downs as well as being able to enable or disablelocation services at the touch of an icon and quickly edit wiggle mode without having to hold down on the icon for a number of seconds. Access to this kind of functionality isn’t really anything new with plenty of Notification Center based widgets and other packages already offering this type of thing, but the icon format will definitely appeal to some.
Sure we have seen similar offerings in Cydia before, like UsefulIcons, but IconToggles offers more options to add as shortcuts on the home screen.
IconToggles is available to download from the Big Boss repository for $1.99 and requires a jailbroken device with iOS 5 or above installed. For Jailbreaking an iOS device you guys can refer to iClarified.

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