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Monday, April 01, 2013

Course Notes Beta : Review

There are many developers out there developing apps for user's entertainment purposes, but very few out there who utilize this platform to spread education and one them is Burrow Applications.

Burrow Applications has been developing apps for quiet a time now and all of them are pretty useful. One of their famous app that we reviewed was App Manager For Android.

They are back with something that will surely turn out to be useful for all those who are pursuing graduation. Its called Course Notes. Its right under Beta testing so that they can gather reviews from audience and come up with something they want.

We used this app personally for a while and found it quite useful as we too are pursuing graduation. This app has a very clean and easy-to-use interface with right and left slider similar to Facebook's mobile application.
As soon as you open the app, you will be welcomed with a list of subjects which can be sorted in any order depending on class number, name, last updated and contain subjects varying from Biology,Anthropology,Physiology, Introduction to C,U.S History,Lethal and Ethical Event of Business,Chemistry and many more.

You can then select the subject you have interest in and a right slider will come up which will contain different chapters and presentations that they have arranged from different universities and compiled to deliver what you want at your finger tips.

No need to Google course and books. No need of making accounts on different cloud storage sites to download books. Its that simple and easy.
As soon as you select the chapter you want to study it will be downloaded in left hand slider and then you can open and study it whenever you feel like. Just a small little thing that I would suggest is that they should provide the size of the file that has to be downloaded.

I would suggest all our reader to do try this app and I'm sure you guys will find it really useful.
Google Play Store Link : Course Notes Beta For Android
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