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Monday, April 01, 2013

Top Tech Pranks 2013 : April Fool Special

April Fool started with a huge Google announcement of YouTube being shut down and Treasure Mode being implemented on Google Maps. But it seems, Google was not the only one fooling around this Easter Monday. Here are few of the Top Tech pranks : 

1. Google Nose
Google Nose BETA, described as a new "scentsation" in search, can search for various smells including "wet dog", "locker room" and "horse manure" right from your device. ( OMG!)

 2. Instagram For Windows Phones
Windows people played with emotions of so many WP users today with this prank. They put up 'Instagram For Windows Phone' app on WP store this morning. Don't know about others, but Android and iOS users would have surely enjoyed this one. (Hahahaha!!)

3. Nokia Lumia Microwave
Nokia too joined the trolling party with their 5000 watt microwave, which looked much like Lumia 920, with touch-based display. And guess what, they priced it at €399, cheaper than it's Flagship device. And there's a mini-version too for those with smaller appetites. (LOL!)

4. Samsung Smart Eco Tree
Samsung too couldn't control themselves and came up with yet another 'smart' stuff, Samsung Smart Eco Tree. What it does? Well,  it features SMART View, SMART Cooling and something known as FOTA (Fragrance Over-The-Air). 
Accessories available for this mind-blowing smart device includes swings, ladders, tents and tree houses. And this too is available in a 'min-version'. (WTH!)

5. Blue Gmail
Blue backgrounds, blue buttons, blue fonts - thats what Blue Gmail is all about. Blue blue blue

  Hackinthus Best Prank Award '13 goes to  Instagram For Windows Phone.

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